5 Decor Ideas to Keep You Warm Without Turning Up the Heat


A beautiful young woman reading a book and enjoying a warm beverage near a fireplaceAs the temperature slowly drops, we are more likely to want to stay home and relax. Fall and Winter is a time to appreciate a room that makes us feel comfortable. Getting that warm and cozy feeling doesn’t require you to turn up the heat. It’s so easy to stay warm during the colder months. Here’s a few tips and tricks on how to make your home feel comfy and warm without turning up the heat.

1. Warm lighting

Light bulbs are sold in an array of styles. For a warmer look, find one that says “warm, soft light”. Finding a lamp with a shade is also a great and easy way to create a warmer ambiance. Find a lamp that has a dimming switch, so that you can control the amount of light being output.

2. Keep your Feet Warm

Having a room be physically warm obviously helps make your living room or bedroom feel cozy. If you are trying to save money on your heating costs, having a rug under your feet helps your perception of warmth. A fluffy rug immediately gives a comfy feeling.

3. Use Warm Toned Colours

The right color palette can instantly warm up a room, but that doesn’t mean you need to start painting your walls orange or yellow.  If you prefer a monochromatic palette, focusing on the warmer end of the spectrum will give a cozier feeling. Stick to colours that are neutral and blend with various patterns and materials.

4. Change your Bedding

Having sheets that are made with softer material like flannel will keep you feeling warm and cuddly. A tip that I always use in the winter is having two comforters, one to place over your sheets to retain the heat and one to use to keep yourself warm. Trust me, this works!

5. Keep Blankets Everywhere

Not only is keeping a blanket in each room a super cute idea to layer on top of your furniture, it’s also a great way to keep warm. Having a blanket in each room such as the living room and bedroom will keep your house warm and definitely looking cute. Try finding unique and blankets that add something to your room.

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