5 Fall Scented Candles


With fall quickly approaching, what better way to get into the spirit than lighting a fall-scented candle, wrapping up in a warm blanket and get lost in a good book or show. Here are some of our favorite scents for the upcoming cooler months.

Yankee Candles: Autumn Leaves for $27.99

yankee candle

Autumn Leaves is a vibrant medley of maple leaves, orange blossom, and blackberry. If autumn had a scent, it would definitely be this one. This scent makes you feel like you are walking in a forest on a nice fall day. Not to mention that there’s a hint of cinnamon, which leaves your house feeling very warm and cozy.

Indigo Scents: Cooper Woods Candle for $9.50


This candle is made with a creamy soy wax blend. It comes in a cute mercury glass and a metal lid, so it doubles as a nice detail in any room. The candle is scented with notes of cinnamon bark, sandalwood, white musk, and citron blossom. Also, once the glass bottle is done you can put all your small trinkets in it.

Bath and Body Works: Sweater Weather for $22.50

sweater weather

With a name like Sweater Weather, what’s not to love? This candle is made with using the highest concentration of fragrance oils and a blend of vegetable wax and wicks that won’t burn out. This fresh scent consists of sage, aromatic eucalyptus, and juniper berry.

Trish McEvoy: Wild Blueberry Vanilla for $75.02


This candle is luxurious and instantly sets a warm, irresistible mood. Lightly scented with a wild blueberry vanilla scent, this candle exudes fragrance even when unlit. It features a lead-free wick and unique slow-burning waxes for an extended burn time.

Net-A-Porter: Neom Organics for $72.00


This candle is an incredibly lush and hand-poured. Crafted in England, this candle features  vegetable wax and pure essential oils. Blended with uplifting jasmine, rosewood and French lavender, it’ll give you a comforted and relaxed feeling.

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