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5 healthy bowls to try


Poke bowls and Buddha bowls have been taking Canada by storm. No wonder, they’re so aesthetically pleasing to look at and absolutely delicious. Poke bowls originated from Hawaii where the locals would put marinated raw fish, often tuna, vegetables and a grain base all in one bowl with your preferred dressings. Buddha bowls are also called sunshine bowls, and for a good reason. They’re composed of a rainbow of colors of vegetables, nuts, beans, proteins and very often, a grain base.

Poke bowl with sriracha mayo

Not only does this colorful Poke bowl satisfy a portion of protein suggested by the Canada’s Food Guide and at least 3 servings of vegetables, the sriracha mayonnaise conceals the fish taste of raw salmon or tuna as a perfect complementary sauce. The fish melts in your mouth with the avocado without being excessive as the cucumber and mango makes everything refreshing!

Coconut Cauliflower rice buddha bowl

For those who aren’t a fan of rice or quinoas, this bowl is perfect for you! The base is surprisingly made of grated cauliflower cooked in coconut milk. Creamy, but not oily, the cauliflower is also the equivalent of one serving of vegetables according to Canada’s Food Guide. The highlight of this bowl, however, has to be the delicious peanut butter marinated tofu on top. Rich in proteins, tofu contains nutrients essential to our body. A must try!

Spicy Salmon avocado Poke bowl

Another great recipe if you are craving a salmon Poke bowl. Salmon is an incredible source of Omega-3 that can reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol! However, a lot of people don’t enjoy the greasy taste of salmon, but the grated ginger and the scallion in this bowl add a refreshing taste that doesn’t make the salmon feel too oily!

Grilled chicken and quinoa burrito bowl

Don’t like raw fish? There are other options! This quinoa bowl is full of proteins, fibers and other nutrients from vegetables and legumes. The sweet taste of red peppers contrasts beautifully with the avocado and black beans. The bowl is super colorful as well, perfect for your health and an Instagram shot!

Sweet potato black beans quinoa bowl

This vegetarian bowl with red quinoa is a must try! Chili powder adds an additional flavor to the already rich scented sweet potato. Your daily serving of protein is found within the black beans and the cilantro cream to top everything is the highlight of the bowl! Each ingredient complements each other perfectly!

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