5 Instagram Accounts We’ve Enjoyed This Week


Instagram is one social media app that I cannot live without. All the different types of inspiration on every account has me up at night scrolling for hours. Here are a few suggestions from accounts I follow, they’re not only stunning but they give you a huge boost of inspiration whenever you need it, whether it be for home decor or outfit ideas, I’ve got you covered.

1. Negin Mirsalehi


Need a bit of outfit or hair inspiration, rather hair envy, Negin is a Dutch blogger who’s main content is fashion and luxury products with a smattering of food and travel pictures. Negin’s Instagram is lifestyle based and doesn’t follow a particular flow, but we do love everything about her style and Instagram feed.

2. Home Polish


Homepolish was founded with a simple idea: interior design needed a redesign for the way we live now. So when I’m looking to redecorate, I head to this account. Their Instagram feed is so aesthetically pleasing and minimal, it makes me want to trash my entire bedroom and redecorate.

3. Song of Style (Aimee Song)


Song of Style is run by Aimee Song, who is an interior designer. She posts daily fashion photos, design inspiration, and more. Aimee is another fashion inspiration of mine. Her style is effortlessly chic and her pictures are creative, with a bit of charm.

4. Amelia Markgraf


If you need a cute and simplistic Instagram, Amelia’s is right up your alley. This Instagram is like photobook of her family and it really is adorable. The charm this Instagram has, always has me coming back and looking at the simplicity of the images and warmness they showcase. Also, the food looks amazing.

5. Ohh Couture (Leonie Hanne)


Lastly, Leonie is another blogger with great style but honestly her images are so captivating. From cute to stunning, this Instagram has caught my eye. I mean Leonie doesn’t just take pictures of her outfits, she’s usually in different countries with a great backdrop, which adds such a great element to any Instagram.

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