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5 Kitchen Trends For 2019


The new year also brings new trends in décor! We got some inspiration from The Home Depot Canada to refresh our home this year with new and trendy ideas.

A White Kitchen

We have already been seeing the trend for a few years now, and we will see it again this year! In the past, kitchens were completely white, but this year we will see more pops of colour and texture that will make the cabinets stand out even more! For instance, a dark counter with white cabinets, or the contrast of darker bottom cabinetsand white at the top is on trend. Our tip: just have fun and create looks that work with your own taste.

Cabinet Refacing

Want to do a complete renovation, but keep costs down? Think of refacing your cabinets to upgrade the look of your kitchen!  The cabinet doors and drawer fronts are replaced, and the exterior of the cabinet boxes are veneered to match. You can also add additional enhancements like glass doors, light valances, crown moulding, new hardware, etc). It is a more affordable option that allows us to keep the “guts” of the kitchen while changing the overall look. The Home Depot Canada’s refacing program will simplify your life in so many ways. (Pssst! Stay tuned for our upcoming article on the subject!)

The Waterfall Island Countertop

For a more modern look, opt for an island counter that descends on the sides, offering a sleek, refined finish to your kitchen. You can also choose a different countertop colourfor the islandto makeit stand out! Check out The Home Depot Canada’s Silestone line for more inspiration.

The Undermount Sink

Thelook of the modern kitchen means that we are seeing more undermount sinks (literally installed below the counter so no lip is visible).  These sinks mean a sleeker, look with a seamless transition from the counter. Not into contemporary décor? We also are seeing a return to the more traditional, farm-style sinks that give a country look to the kitchen. Absolutely cool!

Efficient Storage

We all accumulate dishes and kitchen gadgets over the years! Storage is a priority for everyone, and we will see more and more multi-functional solutions appearing on the market.  This allows us to have ample storage without having anything unnecessary taking up space (and being an eye sore) on our counters.  We can focus on items that are part of the overall kitchen design to achieve the desired look. What a great trend to follow this year!


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