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5 Liquor-Based Recipes


We’ve already given you some ideas for pairing wine and food, but what about cooking with alcohol? Obviously, some sauces are better with wine, like beef bourguignon. But have you tried cooking with something really strong, like rum?

If it’s not part of your routine, we bet will be. Heads up: like wine, the taste of alcohol won’t be overly noticeable once the recipe is finished. Truth be told, it’s undeniable that alcohol adds flavor and refinement to your meals.

You can cook with various different kinds of hard liquor. So there’s no reason to wait, here are some recipes to prepare now!

Recently, we had the chance to sample a delicious shrimp ceviche and mango chutney, both of which are made with Brugal rum. This kind of rum is found (and often returns from) our travels to the Caribbean. This rum is the pride of the Dominican Republic where it’s produced. Brugal is based on high quality principles and family values, and the finished product is always of a superior quality. Only the members of the Brugal family are privy to the recipes for each different type of rum. Impressive! Are we making your mouth water yet? Here are the recipes:

SHRIMP CEVICHE – for 4 people

6 shrimps (size 8/12); about 6 pieces
4 limes
1 bunch of coriander
1 shallot
2 garlic cloves
30 mL of olive oil
4L canola oils (for frying)
2 pieces of plantain
salt and pepper
2 pieces of mango
Star anise
3 oz Brugal Añejo Rum
250 mL sugar


Prepare the marinade – fine chop cilantro, shallots and garlic cloves and place them in a bowl Zest the 4 limes, extract the juice and add to the bowl
Season the shrimps on both sides with salt & pepper
Heat pan with olive oil until it starts to smoke
Put shrimps in pan, one by one and sear on each side for about one minute
Once seared put aside to cool down
Once shrimps have cooled down, start chopping them into big cubes and add them to the marinade

Mango Chutney with Infused Brugal
Peel and chop mango in small cubes
Add chopped mango in medium size pot and slowly cook them with star anise for about 8 minutes and then increase the heat to high
Add 3 oz. of Brugal Añejo Rum and flambé them (off heat) with a BBQ lighter
Add sugar and cook at low heat for 20 minutes

Plantain Tostada
Cut both ends off of the plantain and run the knife along the entire outside curve, cutting into the thickness of the peel
Cut crosswise (into coin shapes) about 3/4 inch thick
Soak them in cold water with a pinch of salt
Drain them well and place them on a paper towel. Make sure no liquid remains
Blanch in oil at 300 degrees for 7 to 8 minutes
Flatten them between two wax paper sheets using a plate
Cook them in hot oil for 3 minutes at 350 degrees

Stack and serve!

*Recipe by SpiritHouse

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