5 Outfits That Prove Caitlyn Jenner’s Not Just Keeping Up With the Kardashians Style


Caitlyn Jenner was named one of Vogue’s best-dressed women this week, and there’s little question as to why – since her transition, she’s been exuding class with her impeccable outfits, perfectly coiffed locks and overall stunning demeanour. Although she only made her debut recently, she’s kept up with the Kardashians fashion-wise, and now we would argue she’s practically overtaken them as she zooms down the fast-track to becoming #iconic.

ESPYS Awards:
This VerSAUCY gown manages to find the perfect balance between sexy and elegant, and it catapaulted Caitlyn to the top of Vogue’s best-dressed list after she accepted the ESPYS award.

Little Blue Dress:
Adding an extra dimension to the LBD acronym, Caitlyn was spotted sporting this vivaciously coloured dress after a Broadway show. More like, “I am Cait (Middleton)”, AMIRITE?

Leather Pants:
Caitlyn was looking fine, fresh and fierce in Malibu, California. Although she’s usually spotted showing off a variety of chic outfits that primarily consist of dresses and skirts, we’re loving the raw, feminine sex appeal emanating from these leather pants!

“I Am Cait” Photoshoot:
Sooo #obsessed with this photo shoot for the docu-series “I am Cait”. Caitlyn’s sultry pose is embellished by her delicate pink manicure, loosely gathered updo and black lace maxi dress. Excitement is definitely building for the premiere of her upcoming series, which is set to air Sunday, July 26th.

Vanity Fair:
The cover that launched a thousand tweets shows Caitlyn Jenner as she transcends us mere mortals and reaches an iconic status reserved for old-timey movie stars and Kate Moss herself. We love her side swept, loose waves paired with bare shoulders!

What do you think of our favourite Caitlyn Jenner looks? Did we miss any?

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