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5 Questions with Stephanie Bennett from 21 Thunder


There’s a brand new show on CBC that everyone is talking about! 21 Thunder is a story of love, crime, sex and athletic glory centering around a soccer team, and it’s also happened to have been filmed in Montreal. We asked Stephanie Bennett, starring in the new show, to tell us how she keeps fit on set and how she deals with stress. The show can also be watched online  We’re already obsessed with it…

1.With the long shoot days, how do you maintain your energy throughout the day?

I generally try to eat as clean as possible, but I tend to be even more strict about it when I’m working long hours. To keep my energy level up for the entire work day, I try to drink as much water as possible and cut out/limit any sugars or carbohydrates which can make you crash. I also find that if I can get even a thirty minute cardio session in before work, I have much more energy for the day.

2. What are some of the fitness tips you have learned along the way that you’ve maintained, not just on set but in your everyday life?

I think one of the most effective pieces of workout advice I’ve received is to find something you enjoy doing. For me, it’s running and dance classes but I like to switch it up. Sometimes I do Zumba with my mom, which is a great way to spend time together and also a good way to get a work out in. I also go to Pilates and other classes sometimes. Whatever I’m in the mood for, really. Working out with others who motivate you is also really helpful.

3. Any types of exercises or routines in general have you learned from your time on 21 Thunder? 

While I was on the show, I did a lot of running as my workouts because I was required to run a lot on the show in my soccer scenes. I was lucky to train one on one with professional soccer coaches who taught me some great drills using the ball as well.

4. For stressful days, what type of regimen is most effective for you?

Running is almost a form of therapy for me in that I feel so good after and it really helps me let go of any mental stress. I also found that stretching and yoga in my trailer in the morning or on breaks was a great way to relieve stress.

5. Has your experience in ballet helped you for your role in 21 thunder? 

I was so grateful for my ballet experience during filming because many of my soccer scenes felt almost like learning choreography. Ballet also gave me a lot of strength and stamina that I have carried with me. It was great to know what it’s like to pursue something active professionally and use that in the playing this role.

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