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5 theme ideas for a successful baby shower


A baby shower is an opportunity to share the joy of the arrival of a baby with your family and friends  — and at the same time to be spoiled as future parents. For those who have to organize a baby shower, the event must be perfect for the future mother. Don’t be afraid! Here are some suggestions of themes and ideas for this day filled with joy.

Here are 5 themes we found with completely different aesthetics to choose from:

Boho Chic

A boho chic baby shower means a decor full of flowers, flowing fabric, knit or macrame and a hassle free atmosphere. Prepare a beautiful throne filled with flowers for the future mother, a beautiful setting to take pictures, wreaths of flowers and a small dining and dessert area to spoil everyone.

Tropical Fever

This theme has been very popular for quite some time, and we love it! It gives us the impression of being on vacation with its tropical paces. The decoration is dotted with plants, flowers, pineapples, and flamingos according to your taste. People can dress up as if they were going to the beach and a beautiful throne will be set up for the queen of the event to feel comfortable all day long.


A style very close to nature — clutter-free. Your decorations will be simple and made with wood, plants and flowers. We must put the emphasis on wood and nature because it’s at the center of this theme. For moms who love nature, this theme is perfect and easy to execute.

Garden tea party

For those who like to have tea, sweets, and pastel colors, this theme is perfect. The Garden Tea Party is all of those put together. A table filled with sweets, sandwiches, and an array of desserts. Pastel and soft colors, decorations made with tea cups and flowers, and a beautiful outdoor garden if the weather allows it is what awaits you with this theme.

All Gold

A unisex color that is perfect for whether you have a boy or a girl, this theme suits everyone. A white or cream background accompanied by stunning golden accents for everything else, such as decorations, clothing, serving trays and gift wrap.

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