5 tips for a well-fitted bra


Valentine’s day coming, and we want to be sexy for bae, but also comfortable. Did you know that 80 % of women wear an ill-fitting bra? This statistic is pretty incredible! Surely, you might have the same problem as these women. With a well-fitted bra, you could avoid the discomfort and many pains that you don’t associate with your bra – but that are actually directly related to that bad fit – as well as being on top for you and your partner.

In this article, we’ve put together some tips to help you choose the right bra for you !

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1. Front

The bridge of the bra is the part that connects the two cups in front of your bra. The  bridge should be touching your sternum. If it isn’t the case you have two options. Either you are one of the few women who has breasts too close together so that the bridge will never touch the sternum. If this isn’t the case, your bra is probably wrongly adjusted and you should pick another one.

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2. Cups

For bras with wire, the wire should wrap the shape of your breasts perfectly and not go too high on the side nor too low. The cup should not be wrinkled nor hollow, it would indicate that the cup is too big. It must coat your chest without your breasts overflowing. Otherwise, the bra is definitely too small.

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3. Straps

Straps wise, the rule is pretty simple; you should be able to pass a finger along your shoulder between the bra strap and your shoulder. If you can fit more than one finger your strap is too loose, and less than one means your strap is too tight and will leave marks. Wider straps are always an option to prevent pain, since the weight will be evenly and better spread on your shoulders with these.

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4. Back

The elastic at the back of your bra is essential for a good fit. The band should be at the same height as the one in front. If yours is too high, it either means your bra is worn out and it’s necessary to purchase a new one, or it’s simply too big. For the hooks at the back, it’s strongly suggested to choose the middle hook since it’s centered with the front of your bra. If you move it, the bra will be slightly unbalanced.

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5. To properly adjust yourself

Lean forward and gently shake your shoulders, while making sure to fit your breasts in the cups of the bra. Stand up, clasp your bra and make sure the band on the back is straight and aligned with the bridge in the front.

Thanks to Wonderbra for those fantastic tips!

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