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5 Tips for Driving during Winter!


Canadian winters can certainly be intense for drivers! So what can you do after safely getting off the road? OK Tire wants to prepare Canadians for the situation no one thinks will happen: Getting stuck in the storm. With a few helpful tips, you can ride out the storm like a pro!

1. Be Prepared – Keeping a few essentials in your vehicle, including an emergency kit with spare food, water and additional tools, will ensure you’re as prepared as possible for waiting out the storm.

2. Get Help – If you’re stuck make sure someone knows where you are. Contact friends and family, and call 9-1-1 to get help. Make yourself visible by setting up flags for passers-by to see.

3. Check Your Exhaust – A blocked exhaust can cause a build-up of carbon monoxide which poses a danger to you and your passengers. Make sure your exhaust pipe is clear of snow and ice so it can function properly and filter out harmful emissions.

4. Stay Inside – It’s tempting to stand outside to flag down help, but staying inside will help you stay warm while you wait out the storm. Turn on your vehicle for ten minutes every hour to circulate some heat without running down your gas or battery too much, and move around as much as possible.

5. Remain Calm – The best thing you can do is wait. You likely won’t be moving any time soon, so save your energy and don’t over-exert yourself.


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