5 Ways to Make More Money

Spending less and paying yourself first are certainly effective ways to keep your money in the bank, but what to do when you want to actually make more money? To tie you over before that next pay raise (or winning the lottery!) here are five great ways to boost your income.
1. Have a garage sale. Sort through your belongings to find stuff you no longer use or need, but that is still in good condition. Appraise and price the items accordingly, and then host a one- or two-day garage sale to sell everything off. Bring anything that’s not sold to a consignment shop. Once you get rid of all your stuff, you’ll hopefully wind up with a nice sum of money—and also have more room in your home!
2. Sell your stuff online. If you’re not a fan of traditional garage sales, how about having a virtual one? Clothing, books, CDs and DVDs, electronics, novelty items—just about anything can be sold at online marketplaces such as eBay or craigslist.ca. (Tip: To ensure you make the most money possible, make it a requirement that the buyer pay any shipping costs).
3. Get a paper route. Ever thought about delivering the morning paper to make a little extra cash? There’s good money to be made by performing this fairly simple task, so contact your local newspaper to find out what routes are available in your area. Not only is this a great way to earn additional income, you’ll also get a good workout in the process!

4. Walk dogs or pet sit.
Contact local veterinary clinics or put flyers in mailboxes around your neighbourhood to get the word out about your services. Pet owners are always looking for reliable people to care for their furry friends, and if you’re animal lover, this may be an ideal and fun way for you to make extra money.
5. Freelance your professional skills. Are you a web or graphic designer? A professional translator or writer? Whatever your trade, there are businesses out there that are in need of your services. You may even have a skill—such as teaching music or tutoring math—that is separate from your trained profession, but that you can viably market and get paid to do. To start building a clientele, send an email to family and friends to advertise your services, and also ask them for referrals.
Be creative, think outside of the box and you’ll increase your income in no time!
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