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5 Ways to Rock the Pajama Trend


Out of the closet – the new chic!
Is there anything more comfortable than pajamas? Nope, it’s simply impossible to find better. What’s our casual outfit for this weekend? Something we won’t have to change out of until Monday morning. We’re just one of the many who appreciate relaxing lounge-wear (come on, admit it), so it’s not a surprise this trend is appearing in broad daylight to everyone’s pleasure – and comfort! is there anything more perfect? Here are five great ways to capture this trend.


1. Comfortable pants
Simons textured boho palazzo pant, $38 in stores and online.

2. Striped shirt
Zara oversized striped shirt, $49.90, in stores and online.

3. Fleece one-piece
Aritzia Attalus jumpsuit, $110 online.

4. Cotton boxer shorts
Joe Fresh striped patterned shorts, $29 in stores and online.

5. Babydoll dress
Forever 21 Square-back cami dress, $17.90 in stores and online.




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