6 Canadian Bag Brands You Should Know


From Montreal and Toronto, with love
As an homage to the talented folks in our home and native land, here are six Canadian designer pieces that we can’t help but love. These handbags were designed, and most often than not, made right here in Canada. See for yourself…

The Stowe


We’ve recently become obsessed with The Stowe! Their luxe leather bags are classic, clean and uncluttered. What’s more, these practical—and covetable—accessories are made in Montreal using premium-quality materials. If you ask us, The Stowe is giving Italian couture houses a run for their money.

The Stowe Brady handbag, $318 online and at select retailers.



We first fell for the chic factor of this gorgeous label from Toronto, which boasts classic shapes adorned with edgy detailing. This spring, ela reveals a rather romantic side. Case in point: this superb textured leather number!

ela Tassel Clutch, $248 online and at select retailers.



In the two short years since its inception, Woolfell has made the backpack its signature offering, read: its (almost) sole offering. With durability in mind, their bags are handmade every step of the way inside the brand’s Montreal studio. From their logo to the colours to the fabrics, everything has got that natural look and feel. Plus, Woolfell’s unisex bags are limited edition.

Woolfell Rationale Backpack, $180 online and at at select retailers.

Rachel F


Rachel F is first and foremost about recycled fur, and since the very beginning, about durable and virtually timeless bags. This spring, however, the Montreal brand dazzles with this multi-coloured clutch. With just the right retro touch, this number just screams quirky and happy. Sold!

Rachel F Winnipeg handbag, $95 at Lowell and online.



Now, here’s a bright and feminine little backpack, just like we like ‘em. The Toronto-based brand produced a small number of them for exclusivity’s sake. And with only top quality in mind, every single one of them was handmade locally. Greatly concerned with the ethical treatment of animals, Opelle ethically sources premium leather from Italy and Spain. Much more than a simple fashion accessory, isn’t it?

Opelle Baby Kanye Backpack, $460 online and at select retailers.

Matt & Nat


It may not seem like it, but this bag is green. It’s with integrity and respect for the environment that Matt & Nat came to be 20 years ago in Montreal. The brand’s bags are 100% vegan, and since 2007, their linings are made entirely with recycled bottles. Matt & Nat bags can also be purchased in the US, the UK, Japan, Germany and Australia.

Matt & Nat Wellington Handbag, online and at select retailers.

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