6 Celebrity Hairstyles that’ll convince you to Have Bangs!


Who said that the bang was no longer in demand? This season, let’s refresh our look with a hairstyle that defines our features and highlights our eyes and our cheekbones. Still not convinced? We’re inspired by these stars for whom the fringe is synonymous with glamour!

1. Alexa Chung.

She usually parts her fringe down to the middle as her signature look.

2. Taylor Swift

What would Taylor be without her bangs? We love how she makes the fringe work even with her naturally curly hair.


3. Hailey Baldwin

She reminds us of Sienna Miller in Alfie, and we love it.

4. Olivia Wilde

Ah Olivia. Her square face shape is perfect for this hairstyle, we love her with bangs.

5. Halle Berry

Whether she is rocking her signature pixie cut, or the long waves like here, the bangs suit her perfectly.

6. Jennifer Garner

If your hair is long, you might want to opt for long bangs like Jennifer has.


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