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6 Healthy Smoothies


Tasty drinks for a strong mind + body
A new year has arrived, and many of us are likely making vows to live a bit healthier starting now. Often times, small changes can yield big results, and it can start as easily as what’s on your plate. Or, in this instance, what’s in your glass… Below, we’re sharing a few healthy smoothie recipes we’ve found on Pinterest that can help with everything from helping you shed some weight to beating the winter blues.


For extra energy

energy-smoothieBeet-Strawberry Smoothie / Pinterest
Beets have a large number of health benefits, from helping to boost your mood to cleansing your system. But beets are also a secret ingredient for many athletes when they need an added boost of energy! Not into exercising? It’s ok: you can replace your coffee with this beet-rich smoothie to start off your day on the right foot. And don’t worry about the veggie’s earthy taste: the added strawberries, banana and honey sweeten the lot right up!


For weight loss

Pineapple-Grapefruit Smoothie / Pinterest
If one of your new year’s resolutions is to lose some weight, along with regular exercise, this smoothie will act as a great ally. The secret’s in the grapefruit, which boasts an enzyme that helps lower insulin levels, and is also rich in fibre (as is the pineapple), so it helps you feel fuller longer.


For an immune system fix

immune-smoothieImmune Booster Orange Smoothie / Pinterest
A blend of sweet and spicy, you’ll love this orange and sweet potato concoction. Yes, we said sweet potato! This smoothie rich in vitamins A and C will surely help stave off the cold or flu this season. And while the orange is refreshing, the spicy hints of cinnamon and turmeric will add a sense of warmth… perfect for winter!


For a mood boost

mood-smoothieBye Bye Blues Super Smoothie / Pinterest
The dead of winter is when most people tend to get hit with a case of the winter blues, what with the shorter days and cold, cold nights. Proper nutrition can play a role in blasting away the blues this new year, and the antioxidant-rich blackberries contained within this can help protect the brain from free radical damage.


For inflammation reduction

inflammation-smoothieTurmeric Ginger Colada Smoothie / Pinterest
How can we resist anything with the refreshing taste of a piña colada? If you overdid it on the holiday food binging recently and your digestive tract needs a break, this drink boasts turmeric, ginger and pineapple, all three of which that boast anti-inflammatory and digestive benefits.


For glowing skin

skin-smoothieGlorious Green Smoothie / Pinterest
If your complexion has been looking blotchy and anything-but-luminous lately, a beauty regimen from within may just be in order. This green smoothie helps cleanse the liver—thanks to the cruciferous kale—allowing it to function properly, which in turn will help it cleanse toxic waste from your system, leading to more beautiful skin.

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