6 Lovely Tea Accessories


Stylish essentials for a good cuppa
There are coffee lovers, and then there are tea aficionados. Although it is possible to appreciate both hot beverages in equal measure, most of us tend to have a penchant for one or the other. If you are one of the people who ends up filling their mug with tea more often than coffee, check out these six essential and oh-so-stylish finds.

TEAVANA Perfectea Maker


The ideal ally for a perfect cup of tea every single time, this brewer is easy to use and clean. Simply add tea leaves and boiling water, and place the accessory over your mug to fill it with your favourite concoction. $22.95 at TEAVANA stores, Starbucks stores, and online.

Wedgwood Cuckoo Small Teapot

This sweet looking teapot lets you sip a cuppa à deux… if you’re willing to share, that is. A little gem designed in England that will add a touch of luxury to your daily ritual—and your kitchen table. $100 at Camellia Sinensis stores, and online.

Zojirushi Gray Hot Water Dispenser

For those of you who find themselves pouring tea or herbal tea into their mug several times a day, this item is a must: an electric kettle that keeps up to four litres of hot water set to the temperature of your choice (140, 175, 195, or 208). A staple in hotels and most homes in Japan, where tea is a wildly popular drink choice. Once you’ve integrated it into your home, you’ll find so many uses for this almost neverending source of boiling water! $159.95 at TEAVANA stores, and online.

DAVIDsTEA Flower Garden Double Wall Travel Mug

An office essential, this double wall travel mug with a fresh spring design lets us brew our tea and drink it from the same bottle. Plus, it shows us the pretty colour of our elixir, allowing us to control its strength with the utmost precision. $29.50 at DAVIDsTEA stores, and online.

Trudeau Individual Clip Tea Infuser

There’s no more need to go fishing for your infuser at the bottom of your mug with a spoon (or burn your fingers in the process), thanks to this simple innovation courtesy of Trudeau. A magic little tool that hangs on the side of your mug; once removed and placed on the table, it drips into the integrated drip catcher. The secret to a mess-free cup of tea. $14.99 at Hudson’s Bay stores, and online.

Washi Tea Caddy

The best way to keep your tea leaves fresh? Store them in a tea canister that will keep them from being exposed to light and air. This one is covered in washi (Japanese paper), for a colourful, Asian-inspired look. $18.50 at mightyleaf.ca


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