6 Montreal Restaurants You Must Try This Summer


With Montreal’s 375th birthday last week, the city is gearing up for a big celebration this summer. And what better way to celebrate than checking out some new restaurants around the city? There is no better place to eat in Canada, and there are endless possibilities to choose from.

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Parma Café

A small and intimate cafe in the heart of downtown Montreal where you can get all of your favourite Italian foods at a reasonable price. The Chicken Cutlet sandwich and Arancini (rice balls stuffed with cheese) are my personal favourites. And you could never go wrong with their pizza with a side of fries. It also features an array of Italian delectables and coffees, which makes it a great place to go for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!


Venice MTL

This hot spot is an Instagramers’ dream come true! The design of the restaurant catches the vibe of Venice, California and its spectacular beaches. They serve up deliciously fresh foods, like poke, tacos, or if you are keeping on the healthier side, there are many smoothies and acai bowls to choose from – among other things.


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If you like anything “cheese”, this is your spot. Especially grilled cheese. They serve up everything from the classic, mac & cheese, pulled pork, and everything in between. This fast casual spot is very reasonably priced, you can also order a side or fries, or if you’re trying to be healthy – a delicious and hearty salad!


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The Halal Guys

New to Montreal, but known very well to New Yorkers, started out as a food cart, and has evolved to include numerous food trucks and restaurants in New York. Known for serving up some delicious Middle Eastern dishes, including gyros, pitas, falafels, and much more.


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Satay Brothers

This restaurant is unique as it is one of the only Singaporean inspired restaurants in Montreal. The dishes are exquisitely flavoured with a mix of Singaporean, Malaysian, and Indonesian influences. The interior is alone will want to make you go back but the food is pretty amazing as well.


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If you want an excellent drink in a great location with interesting food, Suwu is your place. If you’re in the mood for intimate drinks with a friend, or a nice lunch/brunch, then we suggest you make reservations because it can get pretty packed. Nonetheless, it’s a restaurant that wins everyone over, the soundtrack, food and drinks are fantastic.

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