6 Organic Products That Will Change Your Everyday Life


In the past few years, they have been growing in numbers in the aisles of our favourite stores. Needless to say, the organic and natural cosmetics industry is in full swing. Filled with benefits and virtues, free from toxic products, sustainable and also good for our health, here are some products that have found their place in our day to day routine… naturally! Go green!


1. The Quebec-based brand Shunga impresses us yet again! This time with an intimate lubricant made with pure vegetable glycerin and a natural product derived from corn, both organically certified ingredients. Its delicate texture is perfectly balanced in order to adapt to the sensitivity of the vaginal flora. As for its lubricant properties, they intensify the sensations and guarantee soft and enjoyable caresses.

Shunga Toko Organica Lubricant, $18,95 online and at certain retailers.

2. This multi-usage balm can be used on the entire body. It is perfect for dry cuticles and on chapped heels, and rehydrates split ends. Startling, you’ll see! Its shea butter, apricot core oil and jojoba formula allows its creamy texture to penetrate the epidermis in a matter of seconds, without leaving a greasy finish. We love it for its versatility, but also for its charming scent.

 Bio Logical Universal apricot balm, $39,99 at Uniprix. 

3. Handmade and composed by 100% natural ingredients, this rose water from Bulgaria is used to prepare the skin before applying the serum. We spray it on the whole of the face, which allows a better absorption. Thanks to its formula rich in vitamins B and E, it holds healing and anti-aging virtues. Its scent? Delicate and pleasant!

Les Soins de Jacynthe Rose water by  $20 online.

4. Too many lip balms lure us into buying them because of their exceptional tastes, but lack on the hydration side. Although this one has no flavour, no colour, it is made with 40% coconut oil to cure chapped and dry lips after a few uses only.

Skinfix lip repair balm, $4,99 at Jean Coutu and Pharmaprix.

5. 6 essential oils + 2 vegetable oils = a massage oil 100% certified by Ecocert! Its charming lavender, neroli, roman chamomille and ylang ylang scents liberate the body of stress and daily tensions, and lead to a serene and renewing night of sleep. Proper comfort after a long day at work.

Puressentiel relaxing massage oil, $18,49 in drugstores as of December. 

6. With its cucumber and blueberry water extracts, this no-rinse makeup removing formula cleanses, relieves and regenerates the skin efficiently, all the while giving it a superior antioxidants protection. Not only is it good for all skin types, it is more than perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Refresh Botanicals Eye and face makeup remover, $18,99 in drugstores. 

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