6 Questions to the Plus-Size Blogger Nicolette Mason


We are surrounded by inspiring and hardworking women who surprise us daily with what they have to offer. Recently, we’ve had the chance to interview Nicolette Mason, a Parsons School of Design graduate, a fashion blogger, a columnist for Marie Claire and a creative consultant (wow!). Here are the questions we asked her about her new collection at AdditionElle, and here’s what she had to say!

Why did you choose to make a collection with only dresses?
I am pants challenged! Dresses are the foundation of my wardrobe and I love that they offer versatility, flexibility and ease of wear. I love to wear a dress from day to night and work to weekend and to build upon a great all-in-one style.

Which piece from the collection is your favorite one ? 
I love them all but if I had to choose it would be the Jesse. It’s versatile – you can wearing it from day to night by layering it over a turtleneck or wearing a cute moto jacket over it.


If you could describe the collection in one word, what would it be?

In your opinion, should we keep the ”plus-size” label?(at divine, we like to make no difference between size Small and X-Large fashion)
When it comes to fashion unfortunately, we still need a qualifier to find clothes that fit. Fashion hasn’t yet evolved to be in a place where everything is accessible and inclusive to all body types. Until then it’s just a matter of practicality to label clothes in a way that identifies the body types they fit.

What do you like the most in designing collections?
I love the opportunity to be creative and to bring the expertise I’ve developed through my life as a curvy woman and as an editor of Marie Claire. It’s exciting to bring practical solutions for getting dressed to design process.

Where do you see yourself, or your brand, in 5 years from now?
To me it’s not about having a rigid plan…I want to evolve and grow in a very organic way. All the amazing things that have happened in my career are because I’ve allowed them to happen naturally so…I’m open to the future and what it may bring.

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