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6 Stylish Backpacks for Fall


Are you inspired by the back-to-school season?  Good, because we’ve scouted a few stylish backpacks that are perfect to take on your travels this Fall.  With options like leather, fun colours, or a simple, chic style, we are sure that you’ll the one you want!

  1. Chic Hiking

This backpack has a huge storage capacity – about 35L – in addition to being chic with its neutral colour. We suggest bringing it to the gym, hiking, or travelling, and stay stylish at the same time!

Westport backpack from Parkland, $59.99 online.

  1. For the Weekend

When our heart beats for both the city and the country, we opt for a bag that will give a neat look to our weekend looks. Perfect with our usual Jeans + T-shirt combowe can take it everywhere from brunch to the movies.

Jeane & Jax Vegan leather padded backpack, $100 online


  1. Top Trend

Is it a handbag, or a backpack?  This convertible piece by Zara is a dream, and we can take it from work to cocktails. A bag that can hold almost all our daily necessities, in addition to fitting with almost all our looks for Fall. iYou need to buy this in several colors. The backpack has been seen on several European bloggers this summer, sign that this bag is indeed very trendy.

Convertible Bucket Bag, $49.50 at Zara.

  1. A Vintage Flair

If there is one look that will take us through the Fall, it’s embroidery. What better way to wear the trend then to sport a backpack with beautiful, colourful flowers! We dare to wear it to our little black dress, or our raincoat on rainy days.

Dare backpack from Aldo, $60 in shops and online.

  1. Fire Red

Because it is waterproof, very compartmentalized and lightweight, we will wear this brightly coloured backpack even during the cold winter months! Bonus: Its multiple pockets allow us to keep several daily essentials handy at all times.

Frank and Oak’s The Expo backpack, $24.99

  1. The Designer One

For those who are still not convinced that they can pull off a backpack, there are also designer options. This one is perfect for our trip to the gym, or to spend the night at our boyfriends. A simple and practical bag that will fit perfectly with our looks, no matter where we go!

Kate Spade backpack, $198 online



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