7 New Slimming Creams to Try Now


Back-to-school season often means for many, a restart on all of our plans, and what better way to make the transition to fall than to adopt a new beauty routine for our body? Combined with healthy eating habits and physical exercise, slimming creams can sometimes make us forget about some signs of water retention, or the superfluous kilos gained during the summers many pool parties and barbeques. Here are the latest innovations in the slimming skincare department for you to use right now!

Clarins’ Body Fit, $68

The new Clarins skincare is intended to be refreshing with, at the heart of its ingredients – aquatic mint and quince leaf extract. The product diminishes the appearance of dimples and promises a noticeable improvement after only a month. Combined with a mild scrub, this product has everything needed to firm our thighs for end of summer!

Lierac’s Body – Hydra +, $40

Lierac has bet on hydration of the skin in order to firm and plump skin in the desired areas. Here, no promise to define the waist, but rather, to rehydrate the epidermis for a healthier and smoother appearance. We like the sweetness of this balm that disappears on the skin and leaves, indeed, a silky and uniform finish.

Esthederm Absolute Firming Body Cream, $59

The label recognized for its targeted body care, offers a slimming version that can be applied once or twice a week to the desired areas. With caffeine as a featured ingredient, the Absolute Firmness Body Cream releases stored fats and promotes water removal in tissues. Our advice: Try using for at least 4 weeks in order to achieve better results.


Nivea Q10 Firming Body Milk, $9

Why not get a hydrating cream that firms our arms, our legs, and everything else? Nivea Q10 Cream is a favorite of many in this range of products, and although it does not promise fewer kilos, it provides smooth skin and quickly firms its appearance. Its small price point certainly contributes to its popularity!


StriVectin Tightening Body Cream, $68

Focused and effective skincare is the promise of StriVectin, with its lifting and tightening cream. First, it hydrates, strengthens and softens skin immediately, and firms the waist after just a month of use. A combination of caffeine and peptides is found behind this technology which, as a bonus, gives the skin elasticity.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, $57

This is THE cream everyone is obsessed with. Not only is its scent of pistachios and caramel irresistible, its formula is also free of parabens and focuses on some of Brazil’s favourite ingredients. Coconut oil, acai and guaraná, the key ingredient of the cream, are mixed to offer a rich and creamy texture that leaves the skin smooth. We’ve heard that this product is addictive (!), so you’ll have to judge.

La Mer Reparative Body Cream, $240

The luxury brand offers in its range a body option that aims at repairing and erasing traces of the past. Just as we apply our serum before our night cream, this ultra-moisturizing and clarifying cream leaves the skin soft and invigorated, like a boost for the skin. Its intoxicating fragrance compensates for its somewhat high price.



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