7 Reasons Why South Korea Should Be Your Next Travel Destination


Seoul City , South Korea

From Korean cultural landmarks to amazing dining, lively nightlife, eccentric fashion, beautiful countryside, South Korea has it all. It’s a perfect getaway for all your travel needs. Here’s 7 reasons why South Korea should be your top travel destination.

1. Shopping

Shopping is one of the best things to do in Korea. In Seoul you can go shopping literally any time, day or night. There’s a variety of shopping centres, markets, and department stores that cater to every taste or need.

Myeongdong is the center for shopping in Korea. You’ll find brands such as H&M, Nike, and Zara.  But also, the most popular Korean brands are situated here. There’s also the famous Lotte Department store, which has several floors of duty free shopping.

2. Eat Korean Food

Korean food incorporates a combination of flavours that you cannot find anywhere else. From the street food to fine dining, Korean flavours are diverse, so if you are a food lover and interested in trying different flavours, Korea is worth a visit.

The best food would be street food. The flavour will be an experience you have never tasted before. But a tip is to go where the locals go for authenticity.

3. Seoul Nightlife

Nightlife in Korea is an endless party and drinking is a must. Whether you like to relax and enjoy a beer with friends or dance the night away at a club, Seoul has something for you.

Definitely stay in Gangnam if you want a night of fun. Some of the best known clubs are Octagon, Monkey Museum, Club Syndrome, Ellui, and Arena.

4. Korean Sauna

Korean saunas are different from western spas or any other spas in the world. They are incredibly cheap and many locals actually have overnight trips. In Korean spas you can find the traditional Korean sauna, as well as steam rooms and dry saunas, as well as having body scrubs and traditional massages.

Dragonhill Spa and Spa Lei is one of the most famous Seoul saunas and they’re super relaxing.

5. Mixture of Old and New

Korea is home to some of the hallmarks of modern architecture and technology but it has preserved some of their medieval towns and temples. The contrast of the centuries-old architecture with the skyscrapers in the background is striking.

To see the contrast of old and new check out the Bukchon Hanok Village which is a village that dates back 600 years.

6. Transportation

There are all sorts of convenient ways to get around during your stay in Korea and most of them are incredibly cheap. Catch a domestic flight or get on the railway. There are also buses and ferries that take can take you in and out of the city.

7. Korean Culture

Experiencing Korean culture as a whole is worth visiting South Korea, just for the opportunity to experience a culture that has hints of the Western world in the East. Korea has a unique culture, where traditions and innovations, old and new coexist.

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