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7 Things to Do in Winter in New York City



New York City is one of my favorite cities to visit during the winter. The city being so close to us makes it an ideal destination for long weekend escapades. It’s also usually warmer there, which allows us to walk around the Big Apple. This past Valentine’s Day, I had the chance of going there again, and I decided to share with you some ideas for a great trip to NYC. Either you’re a foodie, an artistic soul or a fan of the nightlife of the city that never sleeps, you will find the right activities for you.


Pizza tours
I found out about this when I booked my trip on Expedia.ca. I would have never thought of following a food tour, but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience! I really liked Scott’s Pizza Tours, which not only taught us about the city’s history, but also allowed us to try some of the best pizzas in the city. A great way to discover a city and a particular cuisine.

A Sex and the City spree
The famous TV show is still a favorite of many, even after all these years. If you are planning a girl’s trip, know that it’s possible to go out Carrie and Samantha style, by visiting the hottest areas that were featured in the show. Take out the Manolos and prepare yourself for a crazy trip.

Take a walk on the Highline
The Highline is a public park built on an old railroad that covers a relatively big portion of the city. The view is interesting, and the neighboring district is one of the most popular neighborhoods in the city.


Visit the Empire State Building at night
If you’ve been to New York on a school trip, there’s a good chance you’ve visited the Empire State Building. We have to admit that this 440m tall building offers one of the best views of the city you can get. No wonder so many wedding proposals happen up there! A must for your next trip to New York, preferably at night.

Have a few drinks at The Standard
A classic. It’s the trendiest bar of the Meatpacking District, that’s not only extremely stylish, but also offers a magnificent view of the city. Grabbing a few drinks there will make you fall in love with New York all over again.

Finally going to the MET museum
It’s one of the most famous museums in the world, and if you’ve never been to this cultural gem, winter is the perfect time for you to find warmth between these walls full of art. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is filled with historical works, and offers a ton of interesting exhibitions all year round. Oh, and there’s a section for your kids too, how conventional!


Visit the Chelsea Market
It’s impossible to not fall for the fresh pastries and good coffees the Chelsea Market offers. Whether it’s to explore the market, relax or take a walk, this attraction is filled with unique and delicious finds. Don’t forget to bring some home!

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