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7 Tips on How to Dress Up Your Mantel for the Holidays



Posterjack, Canada’s photo-to-art experts, teamed up with South Hill Interiors Principal Barbara Milner to deliver tips on how to dress up your mantel in a fun a festive way for the Holidays. Here are her recommendations:

1. Follow the rule of three: Group items and photo art together in threes or odd numbers, it feels more natural than grouping an even number of items together. Additionally, you can add interest to your display by varying the size of your items.

2. Use symmetry to add structure: Bookending your mantel with like objects is a great way of using symmetry to establish structure in your design. It is also an effective way to present the center of your mantel as the focal point.


3. Play with texture: Being playful with a variety of décor items and textures is a great way to explore your personal taste and design a mantel to reflect it. Textures like wood, yarn and faux fur add a tactile element that can enhance the warmth of your environment.

4. Create a gallery feel with family photos: Incorporating family photos into your holiday mantel design adds a sentimental touch to your mantel. Acrylic Blocks and Woodstand Prints transform your family photos into instant freestanding pieces to show off the memories that give you the warm and fuzzies.

5. Include season’s greetings: Whether it’s using vintage holiday postcards or contemporary holiday décor items, like holiday themed prints and sentiments.


6. Layer your greenery: Mixing your greenery will give your mantel a full, lush and often luxe look. Decorate your mantel with a variety of aromatic greens like pine, cedar, eucalyptus, balsam and juniper. Mist your greens daily to keep them looking and smelling fresh.

7. Add a touch of the unusual: A touch of the unexpected is something you can switch up every year, it’s a great way to have fun with your holiday décor and keep it from looking too staged or stodgy. Whether it’s an elf on the shelf, vintage collectible or toddler holiday art, it is sure to make a subtle statement on a silent night.

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