8 Comfy (yet Stylish) Items to Wear on Your Period


Choosing a perfect #OOTD is never easy. However, this task becomes even harder when it’s ‘that time of the month’. We know what NOT to wear (*cough* white pants), but finding something that’s stylish and comfortable is not a piece of cake. Bloated stomach, permanent discomfort and dreaded cramps; the three things that totally ruin your mood. Need some inspiration for stylish outfits? Here are some basic items we think are perfect for that week of the month!

1. Long sweaters


Long sweaters are the perfect pieces for the winter time, because they are cozy and they look nice dressed up and down. However, they are even more perfect when it’s that time of the month, because they are longer, and will cover the area you want covered! If you find sweaters and leggings a tad bit simple, you can always accessorize with layered jewelry.

TWIK oversized v-neck sweater, $48 at Simons and online. 

2. Faux leather pants 



Dark colored pants are a must for a worry-free period. However, wearing the same black jeans or black leggings can get boring, which is why fake leather pants are a great alternative. They add style and personality to a look, all the while being as comfortable as normal jeans.

H&M imitation leather pants, $15 on sale in stores. 

3. Open cardigan


Another fashionista favourite is the cardigan. They are a staple piece that can be worn as a fashion statement or simply to protect yourself from the cold. A trend that has been popular these pas few months has been the open cardigan, and for good reasons! These gems are comfortable, but not too oversized, which still shows your silhouette and your outfit underneath.

Old Navy structured open-front cocoon cardigan, $39 on sale in stores and online.

4. Flannel shirt


Whether they were worn open or buttoned up, flannel shirts have been all over instagram for quite a while now. Worn with a nice pair of jeans and a statement necklace, you can turn these plaid pieces into the perfect casual look.

H&M flannel shirt, $14.99 on sale in stores.

5. Shift dress


Dresses are very practical when on your period, because you can be worry-free while staying comfortable. Let’s be real though, some dresses can get uncomfortable pretty quickly, especially if they’re too tight or too flowy! That’s why a shift dress is perfect, because it is still structured, yet easy to wear.

Dorothy Perkins sleeveless shift dress, $62 in stores and online.

6.  Long denim shirt


Denim is a staple fabric in everyone’s wardrobe. Denim on denim was a huge trend this past year, but if you want to keep it casual, a long denim shirt is your best friend. It is long enough to leave you worry-free, but with the right accessories, it can still look runway-worthy!

Dynamite Clothing soft denim blouse, $44.95 in stores and online.

7. Cigarette trousers


Cigarette trousers are perfect for when you don’t want to wear very tight pants, yet still want to stay fashionable. They are comfortable, loose and well fitting, and look great with any top.

Topshop seam back cigarette trousers, $45 in stores at Hudson’s Bay and online.

8. Longline vest


Cardigans are staples for the colder months, but they can look very casual. That’s why having a longline vest in your closet is great, because it can act as a second layer, but still looks nice and professional. Colorblocked vests are particularly nice because they add boldness to the otherwise simple outfit.

Forever 21 colorblocked longline vest, $45,90 in stores and online. 

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