8 Inexpensive Ways to Redecorate Your Bedroom


Sunny bedroom for boy

1. Clean Up

This may sound super simple, but this is the first thing you should do prior to redecorating you room, therefore you have a clear vision of what you want to do. For those pieces of clothing you throw on the chair, buy a clothing rack to help keep everything tidy.

2. Change the Set Up

Again, this is pretty simple but I tend to do this every season and it really does help incorporate some change into your room, giving you a new perspective. By rearranging the furniture, you’ll figure out what you prefer in your bedroom, if you like more of an open space or closed space.

3. Add Some Life

Adding some greenery will definitely boost your spirits as well as help keep your room looking fresh. House plants generate oxygen and remove toxins from the air, so you’re actually doing a great thing by putting a plant in your room!

4. Pillow Popping

The more pillows the better. If you only have one pillow on your bed, get a few more. Pillows are super comfy and keep you cozy. So, what I suggest is getting a few small ones to just keep on your bed for that extra added comfort and decor.

5. Curtain Calling

Change your curtains! They’re probably the last thing on your mind but curtains are a pretty big element to any room. So, add some ‘wow’ by putting a bright fun curtain or if your style is more toned down then just put a light coloured curtain so that your room looks more spacious.

6. Handle It

The handles on your dresser or drawer can easily be changed and it’s usually really cheap. This tip adds a bit of personality and style to any piece of furniture.

7. Hang Up Some Art

Pretty self explanatory but there are some really cute and simple DIYs you can do that are super inexpensive like, hanging up a scarf you really love. Granted, you should pick a scarf that looks like a piece of art.

8. Dress Up Your Dresser

Painting or wallpapering the top or front of your dresser or nightstand is an easy way incorporate a new design into your room. It’ll come in pretty handy when you want some cute flatlay pictures for Instagram.

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