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8 Laundry Hacks to Make your Life Easier



Did you know that April 15th is National Laundry Day? Yeah, you heard us right! Because everything is worth celebrating (especially if it also allows us to simplify our daily lives!), we’ve asked General Electric‘s laundry experts to share their best tips and tricks on how to get the most out of our laundry duties. Ok, no surprises here: no one really likes doing laundry. However, with the right tricks and a little bit of help, you’ll be able to see the ‘’fun’’ side of this task: getting a perfect basket of clean clothing really isn’t rocket science! So here’s how to get rid of those stubborn stains easily, spend more time doing what you love, instead of doing  well, hum…laundry. Now, Isn’t that wonderful?

1. Ink and oil, be gone!
To remove even the most stubborn ink stains, apply hairspray or hand sanitizer and pat dry. For oil stains, apply baby powder and let it stand overnight. And remember, don’t use force when trying to rub out stains, always blot!

2. Pit stains, no more.
To remove sweat stains, simply spray the affected clothing with pure lemon juice before tossing in the washer.

3. Adopt a basket system.
Hate sorting laundry? Ugh…so do we! Adopt a basket system for your darks, lights and whites to sort clothes as you go. Suddenly, laundry day becomes a liiittle more enjoyable.


(Psst! Is it time to replace your laundry equipment? Have you checked GE’s line?)

4. Think inside out.
Isn’t faded clothing the worst? want to keep your darks the darkest they can be? Start washing your clothes inside out. Color is beautiful! Let’s keep things this way, shall we?

5. Speed things up.
On a tight schedule? No problemo! If your wet clothes are taking forever to dry, speed things up by simply adding a dry towel to the load.

6. Never lose a sock again.
Don’t you hate it when your sock disappears into the laundry vortex and you’re left with mix-matched pairs? Avoid the frustration by using safety pins to keep socks tied together as they wash or put them all in a mesh bag.

7. Shrinking woes.
Ready to ditch that shrunken sweater? Before you do, try soaking it in tepid water with a bit of hair conditioner and mold it back to shape. When drying, just be sure to lay it flat!

8. To dry or not to dry?
It’s easy to forget which clothes should go in the dryer. Just write on your washing machine using a dry erase marker to remind yourself which clothes can’t go in the dryer.

So tell us ladies; what’s your best laundry tip of all time?

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