8 Road Trip Essentials: What to bring on the road


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Going on a road trip is one of the most fun activities to do in the summer, and longer car rides usually require a lot of planning. If you’re going to embark on a road trip, then remember to bring these essential items with you.


1. Snacks

You’re definitely going to get hungry on the road. There’s no need to stop for a quick bite, just keep a mix of healthy snack for you to munch on without having that guilt. But also keep some junk food just in case you want to indulge a little.

Welch’s Mixed Fruit Snacks  from Well.ca for $4.29

KIND Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt Bars from Well.ca for $8.49

2. Baby wipes and paper towels

Don’t want to stop at a rest stop just to wash your hands? Then use wipes to wash up. Baby wipes are also a great alternative. And don’t forget paper towels for cleaning up any spills!

Equate Baby Wipes from Walmart.ca  for $2.97

Bounty DuraTowels Paper Towels from Well.ca for  $6.99

3. Motion sickness medicine

Have you ever read a book while sitting in a car? You’ll get a bit light headed and feel sick but having some motion sickness medication can really help solve those problems. Go for non-drowsy of course!

Gravol Easy to Swallow Tablets from Well.ca for $6.99

4-54. GPS

A GPS is a good investment to make because you can use it for your own vehicle and when you’re going to rent a car. It’ll help you stay on track!

Garmin Nüvi 66lm Gps available at Thesource.ca, Walmart.ca, Canadiantire.ca priced  from $189.99 to $249.99

5. Car emergency kit

Keep a car emergency kit with you just in case a minor problem occurs. Then you can immediately solve the problem without much hassle.

Commuter Auto Safety Kit from Canadiantire.ca for $32.99

6-86. First aid kit

Just like the car emergency kit, having a first aid kit can help if a passenger falls ill or gets injured. The problem will be solved faster by keeping a kit in your car.

First Aid Kit from Rona.ca for $23.99

7. Water and cooler

Sitting in a car can really make you dehydrated. Make sure to pack a lot of water and have a cooler in the back of the car so that your water will remain cold.

Cooler On Wheels from Rona.ca for $52.99

8. Audio books and music

Going on the road for a trip means that you’re bound to get bored, picking out a couple of audio books and a great playlist on your iPod will help keep that boredom away!

Apple iPod Touch 64GB at Staples.ca, Thesource.ca, Bestbuy.ca priced at $369.99

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