8 Tips for Better Instagram Pics


How to create masterpieces on your smartphone

For photography enthusiasts, beginners and pros alike, Instagram is the social media platform par excellence. We love this application because it allows us to follow our friends and families’ adventures through pretty squared images, but also because we can get lost in the snapshots of strangers from other corners of the world. Whether you’re already a fan or you’re just beginning to use it, here are eight simple tips for taking better Instagram pictures.

Do not take your pictures within the app.

Doing so isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s only that Instagram does not allow you to take several pictures before moving on to adding filters and special effects. By taking two or three snapshots of your subject using your smartphone’s integrated camera beforehand, you can choose the best and then import it to Instagram.

Follow the rule of thirds when framing your photo.

Pay attention to the grid that appears when you import a picture into the app, and try positioning the important elements on one of its lines or at a junction. This rule is commonly used in photography and drawing to make images more dynamic and appear less static.

Change your point of view.

If you always take your food pics from up high, try different angles in order to add variety to your shots. A close-up where we don’t see your plate in full or framing your shot diagonally can make a huge difference.

Opt for an odd number of subjects.

Odd numbers, rather than even numbers, are known to be more pleasing to the eye. For instance, it’s better to take a picture of three or a single chocolate, rather than two.

Rework your images before posting them.

The different filters within Instagram are quite varied and, often, enough to create an interesting photo. However, there is a host of other apps with fun effects that allow you to adjust your photo to your liking before importing it to Instagram. Here are a few for you to try: Snapseed (iOS and Android), Afterlight (iOS), and VSCOcam (iOS and Android).

Make picture collages.

Thanks to certain applications, you can combine photos to create cool collages before posting them on Instagram. A few of them also offer unusual cutouts, or enable you to apply different filters on each part of the collage. The possibilities are almost endless! To try: PicFrame (iOS and Android) and Diptic (iOS).

Take full advantage of the effects available within the Instagram app itself.

Yes, the various filters are the main attraction. But there is also a tool for cropping photos, the tilt-shift for adding depth by blurring out certain parts of the photo, and the Lux button (the last one on the right), to enhance the contrast and make your photos more vibrant. And don’t forget: it’s possible to remove the border in each of the filters!

Take your time.

You should be proud of your Instagram photos. Hence, take whatever time it takes to rework and tweak them before posting.

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