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8 Trends to Drop – and What’s in Instead


Not everything is as timeless as the white button down with denim look.  Every season, some of our favorite trends fall by the wayside and are replaced by something much better. Find out what trends we’re ready to drop – and what we’re replacing them with.


Plaid vs. Checkered

While the 90’s grunge look is still going strong, the plaid flannel shirts and coats that define the look should be left in the past. The flamboyant designs and rough style have been replaced by something more subtle: checkered prints! They are classier and just as fun to style, we’re definitely happy about this trend!

Bomber Jackets vs. Blazers

One trend we loved was the embroidered bomber jacket: it was easy to style, comfortable to wear, and so versatile. Its successor is equally androgynous and a has a more vintage style. The blazer, worn by many celebrities, is a classic that is becoming the new outerwear staple.

Bucket Bags vs. Subtle White Accessories

Bucket bags might have been practical and stylish, but they’ve been replaced by something much more seasonally appropriate. White leather bags and accessories are all the rage and they pair well with virtually anything. Will you dare to wear white?


Full Brows vs. Natural Brows

‘Instagram’ brows are slowly losing their momentum and are being replaced by more natural-looking and ‘messier’ brows. This natural look is perfect for spring and summer. Lighter makeup and bronzer will give you a sun-kissed look!

Cut Crease vs. Monotone Eyeshadow

While we admire makeup artists’ ability to create art on our eyelids, monotone eye shadow was all over the runway this season. Easy to blend, it gives your eyes the definition they need without taking away from your natural beauty.

Drawn Lips vs. Lip Tints

Full lips are definitely still in, but instead of using lip liner to draw your lips, it’s all about lip tints now. A few drops will give you a beautiful wash of colour. Try some of the newest Korean brands – they have really perfected this product!


Calorie-Count Based Diets vs. Keto Diet

It seems like we’re understanding more about our bodies, and the fact that calories aren’t all that matter. That is why the Keto Diet is gaining momentum, as it doesn’t restrict you from counting calories.  Instead it’s low carb and high protein and fat diet. A side note, you need to see a dietician and speak to your doctor if you are starting a keto diet.  It’s not for everyone.

Cacti vs. Lavender

We’ll always love our cacti, but lavender seems to be more reflective of the season. Lavender, a perennial herb,  can be harder to maintain, but they look stunning as a centerpiece for your spring table.

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