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8 wines to try for Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and if you still don’t know what to get your mom, maybe it’s better to focus one simple thing: the celebration! Whether you choose to celebrate her special day over brunch or  dinner, here are some suggestions of wines and bubbly to drink with mama.

Mouton Cadet, Bordeaux – $15.65 at LCBO, SAQ and Wine Stores
A dry, red wine that has body, the Mouton Cadet has been a classic for a long time! We also like the Reserve version, which is a little more refined and lighter.

Drink it with: a steak on the grill.

Fleur du Cap, Chardonnay – $13.60 at LCBO, SAQ and Wine Stores
A great discovery for all of the Chardonnay fanatics out there. Its oaked, yet fruity notes lend complexity to the wine.  It is the perfect wine for an aperitif, or even with dessert!

Drink it with: black cod or an asian dish.

Château Proy-Goulard, Champagne – $48.25 at Vertigo Wines
If you like champagne and you are looking for something different, I recently fell for this bubbly.  It has light, refined taste. Its price is also very pleasing for champagne, isn’t it?

Drink it with: mushroom pasta or risotto.

Robert Mondavi Private Selection, Chardonnay – $17 at LCBO, SAQ and Wine Stores
This dry and intense wine is one of my favorites – I have a soft spot for Chardonnay! It has a sophisticated taste that you will love.

Drink it with: a cheese platter.

Tom Gore, Cabernet Sauvignon – $19.60 at LCBO, SAQ and Wine Stores
Cabernet Sauvignon lovers will be in awe of this complex and medium-bodied red wine, ideal for meat or other hearty dishes.

Drink it with: a filet mignon.

Lalande Bellevue, Bordeaux – $13.60 at LCBO, SAQ and Wine Stores
A red wine with fruity, green notes that is quite light and easy to drink. We also like the idea of aging it for a few years before drinking it.  It’s a great gift idea!

Drink it with: pizza (yes!)

Nobilo, Sauvignon Blanc – $16.60 at LCBO, SAQ and Wine Stores
A simple and fruity white wine, ideal to keep in the fridge for those hot summer days!

Drink it with: Lobster! The season is approaching, after all.

Rivarose Brut, Sparkling Rosé – $18.95 at LCBO, SAQ and Wine Stores
One of the first sparkling rosé wines from southern Provence, its taste is intense and slightly fruity. A divine bubbly!

Drink it with: a fresh salad.


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