8 winter looks by our favourite Canadian bloggers


Need something to wear? We’re always on the hunt for stylish winter outfits, and what better place to look for inspiration than Instagram? In between coffee posts and classy flat lays, we always love looking at outfits, especially from our favourite Canadian bloggers. Take a look at our favourite looks for the winter!

Maud Poulin from @maudpoulin

Maud’s stylish New York fit is something we all wish we could pull off: effortless and cute!

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Noémie Lacerte from @noemielacerte

This fashionista from Quebec sure knows how to style a white turtleneck and make it look fancy!

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Carling Liski from @ThroughHerStyle

We. Love. This. Coat!

Emma from @WhatSheStyled

Emma proves that leopard prints can be timeless and classy, especially when paired with the right coat.

Aïda from @aidasflaws

The perfect outfit for a brunch and a shopping day, we love the coat’s hints of pink!

Emilie from @paremilie

Emilie still looks stunning among all that snow! We’d replace the coat with something warmer if it gets colder, where you are, but those layers are stylish and will keep you warm.

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Elif Filyos from @thefashionmedley

This minimal and surprisingly chic look isn’t something everyone can pull off, but Elif certainly can!

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Sarah Almario from @sarah.almario

It’s not because it’s not warm anymore that you can’t layer your favorite slips! Keep the symmetry by pairing the look with a long trench coat and you’re good to go.


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