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9 Gorgeous Wedding Hairstyle Inspirations


Wedding season is fast approaching, so if you are planning on prepping everything ahead of time we’ve got the hair portion covered. From soft waves, braids, fishtail, and all-popular up-do hairstyles, you’ll have all the inspiration for the perfect hairstyle!

1. Messy Pixie and Headband

from Pinterest

A pixie cut is a great way to show off a cute headband. Short hair offers the opportunity to showcase something overstated than those with longer hair.

2. Classic Simple Up-do

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This classic up-do frames the face so you can rock some gorgeous earrings like in the image. Also, you can wear a huge chunky necklace to showcase.

3. Long Hair

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This look is also a classic, it is super simple and effortless. All you really have to do is loosely curl your hair and pin it in the back.

4. Wavy Lob


A few large-barreled curls are the perfect way to sport your lob, especially with the beautiful flower hairpin that you can see here.

5. Straight Full Braid

from Pinterest

A braid is a great way to keep all the hair out of your face and not to mention the side swept big braid is romantic. Although this braid is somewhat plain, you can do different types of braids and incorporate all types of gems,diamonds, and pearls into your look.

6. Side Swept Up-do

from Pinterest

This super intricate up-do will turn heads especially with the extra tiny broach like the one in the image.

7. Undone Up-do

from Pinterest

A bit messy and very different. This hairstyle is unique and right on trend. If your dress is similar to the image, shows a bit of the back, then definitely try this hairstyle!

8. Half Up-Half Down Lob

from Pinterest

Just because you don’t have long hair doesn’t mean you can’t still wear it up. This simple wave with a braided crown is pretty and doesn’t take too long to do.

9. Vintage Hollywood Hair

from Pinterest

This super gorgeous hair is a great way to bring some old hollywood glam to a wedding especially if your dress goes with this theme.

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