9 Original Ways to Repurpose Your Mason Jars


Who doesn’t love Mason jars? They have been the stars of our Instagram feeds, whether they were used as smoothie bowls or as home decor. However, there’s so much more you can do with these stylish cups! If you want to use your Mason jars for other purposes, we have here a list of 9 original ways to use your mason jars – (that aren’t salad!). Don’t forget to click on the images for the full DIY!

1. Healthy instant noodles


An easy and mess-free way of taking noodles with you to work. Add in vegetables instead of the packaged seasoning, instant noodles have never been healthier!

2. Candles


A great way to make your own scent-free candle using an old jar.

3. Lanterns


An inexpensive and easy way to decorate your garden. You can customize this the way you want, so it will definitely match your back yard!

4. Flower jar


This idea is perfect for a wedding or a sweet and romantic event. Make use of your Mason jars and keep your flowers fresh and stylish in them!

5. Hanging storage for the kitchen


If you are running out of room in your kitchen, make use of the space with this easy DIY.

6. Summertime sun tea


Say good bye to artifically sweetened drinks, and make some refreshing and healthy drinks yourself.

7. Aquarium 


Perfect for your kids, you can help them customize their own aquarium instead of spending hundreds.

8. Oil burner


A different alternative to the typical wax candle!

9. Soap dispensers


The best liquid soaps often come in simple and boring bottles. Make one yourself!

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