9 Stylish Accessories for the Geek Fashionista


For fashionistas, having the right accessories is crucial, and that includes tech accessories as well! Although they are mostly used to protect your gadgets, they can be a part of your outfit too! Are you bored with the unicolor and boring cases electronic stores sell? Here’s a list of useful and protective tech accessories that will really complete your outfit.



1. Olloclip lenses for Apple and Samsung products, starting from $49.99 at Indigo and online.
2. Anna Sui Samsung Galaxy s5 case, $4.99 at Best Buy or online.
3. Ban.Do power trip lighting wall & car charger set in Florabunda, $32 at Indigo and online.
4. Mophie juice pack reserve, $59.95 online.
5. Case-Mate Rebecca Minkoff iPhone 6/6s leather wristlet case, $69.99 at Best Buy and online.
6. Samsung galaxy tab A 8.0 book cover case, $54.99 at Best Buy or online.
7. Kate Spade New York Fairmont 4000mAh portable charger, $49,99 at Best Buy or online.
8. La technologie beanbag stand for tablet, $35,23 on Etsy.
9. Moshi Venturo slim laptop backpack, $120 online.


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