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A home That Smells Like the Holidays!


After putting together for you a guide on how to survive the Holidays, as well as finding great gift ideas for the whole family, it is finally time to talk about the house! Chances are, you will probably have friends and family coming over for the Holidays at least once during the Holiday season, right? Other than the Christmas tree, the decorated dining table and the fire in the fireplace, have you thought of a festive fragrance that will help the whole house smell like the Holidays? A fragrance to have in the guests’ bathroom? Or next to the garbage can in the kitchen? Holiday celebrations wouldn’t be the same without the smell of pine trees, cranberries or gingerbread!


This year, we fell in love with the new fragrance collection for the house by Febreze. The brand offers great perfumes for every circumstance that we will have fun using in our own homes. Here are a few ways to take care of the olfactory ambience of the home during your Holiday celebrations.

  • Make sure to plug an air freshener in the entryway in order to greet your guests well.
  • Prepare a centerpiece for your table using scented candles, pine tree branches and ornaments.
  • In the bathroom, leave a tray on which guests can find hand cream, towels, hairspray, toothpicks and a fragrance to spray in the room.
  • Do you have aperitifs or desserts in the living room? Leave a diffuser on the table that will keep the room good smelling the entire night.


Take a look at the video Febreze produced, starring Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch. A funny sneak peek at what would happen with Holiday celebrations!

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