A Letter from Grateful Parents


Jaime Damak is a mother of two. For over 5 years now, she has been a family blogger. She likes to talk about topics such as maternity, family life and about being a woman in general.

A few weeks ago, we had a parent-teacher conference for our son’s report card. In all honesty, I didn’t know what to expect, because the first written communication had been postponed for a few weeks. How would the night go? Were we going to have less time with the teacher, seeing everything that has been happening in the academic world this year? I filled the papers out for the meeting, and told myself that whatever needs to happen will happen.

At our school, in 5th grade, at least for the two teachers that my kids had (they worked together a lot and had similar approaches in teaching), our kid would accompany us to get their report cards.

I really appreciated our meeting with our son’s teacher. I get shivers just by talking about her. She took the time (we were lucky, because there was no one after us) to answer all our questions and go beyond them. These moments spent with her made me understand why some rules and some homework were mandatory.

I will admit that my son has good grades and behaves very well. Of course, we are proud of him. However, above all, he set himself attainable goals and, as a parent, I hope to help and accompany him as well as I can in reaching these goals. The fact that his teacher took the time to talk to us, to listen to us and guide us towards the realization of his goals, even though he does well, is priceless to me and I cannot thank her enough for her open-mindedness, her time and her interest towards the success of my child.


I need to emphasize on the fact that the word “success” is very subjective. To some, it might be a grade and for others, it could be accomplishing a new task or understanding a new concept. I think that academic success is very personal and the goals fixed have to be directly linked to our child, his needs, his capacities and his personality.

This is the second time a 5th grade teacher takes time to talk to us about her work ethic, her plans, her desires and to answer our questions, even though, theorically, our child doesn’t need it. We are very lucky to have such good teachers, teachers who take their students’ success seriously. It is a huge privilege for our kids and a great gift for us parents!

As a very curious (!) mother who always likes to know what is happening at school (especially this year with everything that is going on), I went home, with peace of mind and full of gratitude.

Mrs. Nancy and all the teachers who care about the well-being of each other and their students, we thank you for everything you do.

Signed grateful parents.

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