A Mother’s Tips for Spring Cleaning


Spring is on our doorstep and this time of year often rhymes with “renewal”. For many families, it is also time to tackle spring cleaning. I have surveyed some moms and here are some tips to help you in this sometimes strenuous task.

1) Rearrange your wardrobe: To do this, use identified bins for each member of the family, according to the seasons. It’s effective and saves a lot of time! You can even find bins with lids of different colors in some stores. Each person could therefore have his or her own color.

2) To purify: When you are cleaning certain rooms, why not purify them in order to have less to put away? Over the years, it’s incredible the amount of dust that can accumulate in all rooms, rugs, wardrobes, drawers, and so on.

3) Ventilating and cleaning sporting equipment: It is important to properly ventilate and clean sports equipment (hockey skates, ski boots, etc.) especially since they won’t be used for many months. This step will prevent unpleasant odors. A good trick: take them out to air dry and then spray them with Febreze OdorClear to eliminate bad odors. Then you can put them away until next year.

4) Use the rule of three: When you are in the world of cleansing, use three boxes: one for the items you want to keep, one for the things you give and one last for all broken or obsolete stuff. You can then bring this box to a recycling centre near you.

5) Go one step at a time: To put too much on the shoulders = to risk not to succeed to accomplish everything. Go at your own realistic pace according to your needs and your time. Also, do not forget to make a list. This will help you not to forget anything.

Happy housekeeping!

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