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Activities for Mommy + Baby


3 ways to have fun with your wee one
While pregnant, it’s important to continue a targeted exercise regimen… but it’s wise to stay active once your baby has been born, too! This not only ensures your own well-being, but also gets you out of the house to socialize with other mommies and gives your baby a chance to make new friends. Below, check out three ways to have some fun and get extra one-on-one time with your baby.

Postnatal Yoga for Two
You may have been a hard-core yogini before you became pregnant, and this class is perfect to transition back into the activity after your baby has been born… and let her get in on the fun, too! The classes will help strengthen your core (especially the pelvic muscles), ease tension, as well as help you regain flexibility. As for your little one, she has the freedom of either sleeping, staying close to you on a blanket atop your mat, or taking part: the class teaches safe and easy baby yoga poses, too.

Mommy-and-Me Aqua Class
If there is an indoor community pool in your area, look into a swim class for both you and your baby. This will help you get an aerobic workout (although we’re sure taking care of your baby is a workout in itself!) while your baby has fun splashing in the water, learning to float and taking part in various water games and activities. Note that it can be a gradual introduction, as she may not take to being in the pool straight away. And, as always, safety first: always keep your baby in your arms and come prepared with a set of floaties!


Mommy Movie Matinees
For times when you’re too exhausted for a workout and could use some time to unwind, a movie is usually a great idea. However, taking your baby along to the theatre can sometimes be risky, as your crying child may infuriate other moviegoers. Fret not: many movie theatres offer matinee screenings of adult-friendly movies for parents and their wee ones. The sound is lowered so as to protect your baby’s ears, and you have the relief of watching a movie with your baby on your lap and not worry that her fussing will disrupt the other patrons. The other mommies in the theatre are bound to be more understanding.

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