Acuitis : the new eyewear store you need to know about


Because we have to admit, eyewear stores quickly bore us before we found out about online shopping. Then, we realized that online shopping for glasses is not the best idea either (you can’t try them, see them, so making the right choice is pretty hard). It wasn’t until we found out about Acuitis that we finally regained hope — and interest towards our eyewear collection. So, of course we had to share the good news!

Acuitis is a French label that has been around a few years already. The brand recently opened here, at the Carrefour Laval, and we could not be happier! Their frames are trendy, original, and refreshing. During our visit, we fell in love with a few — we may or may not have created more needs for ourselves! Wooden frames being their specialty, we were really able to find some unique designs. (Personally, I chose transparent glasses, because I love the look and I think it gives you a touch of style instantly.)

Acuitis’s specialty is definitely their ultra professional and complete service. You can take appointments for optical exams, and, on the spot, you get a consultation and tips from specialists, who can tell you exactly which frames are perfect for you. The boutique also caters to people who suffer from hearing troubles and offers an integrated solution to the frames.

What we loved about it? The ultra nice and welcoming service, the outstanding professionalism, as well as the stylish concept that charmed us from the beginning. A wall of Cultissimes frames, presenting some of the most popular eyewear of history, caught our attention (Anna Wintour, Brigitte Bardot and even John Lennon’s frames were presented). And, finally, they even carry designer sunglasses!

Acuitis is planning on opening more addresses in the following year, but until then, we definitely recommend visiting them for your future optical needs!

*This article is presented by Acuitis

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