Alison Sweeney Talks Well-Being, Sunscreen, and a Bright Smile


How to be truly radiant
Mom, marathoner, actress, author, and television host. We watched her grow up on the small screen on Days of our Lives, and keep up with her on the reality series, The Biggest Loser. Alison Sweeney was all smiles as she sat down to chat with me at Vancouver’s Fairmont Pacific Rim, during a visit courtesy of Arm & Hammer. The Hollywood star is spokesperson for the brand, promoting the new line of Truly Radiant dental products; after all, beauty starts with a great smile! Even her Instagram account radiates happiness, making for the perfect wellness muse and model of a healthy lifestyle. So I asked her a few questions…


In your opinion, what does it mean to be “truly radiant”?

To have confidence in yourself and to be comfortable in your own skin.


What do women today need to truly feel radiant?

We need to stop comparing ourselves to other people and be happy with who you are. Know your worth!


What does your morning routine look like?

I brush my teeth and then apply sunscreen to my face.


Finish this sentence:I can’t live without…”

My sunscreen!


What’s your favourite workout?

I like to switch up my routine and try new things.


What have you learned over the past few years with regards to beauty and happiness?

That focusing on the things you don’t have serves no purpose, and that you should rather put your energy towards who you are and the things you do have.


What qualities do you appreciate in a person?

Self-confidence and optimism.


What is your mantra?

It’s important to give ourselves a few pats on the back every one in a while. We must be proud of the things we’ve accomplished, and continue to encourage ourselves.


While you wait to get Alison’s healthy glow—to your sunscreens, ladies!—try for her bright smile by discovering the new Truly Radiant product line, for a deep clean and whiter teeth.


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