5 Things to Do When You’re Away From Family this Holiday


The holiday season is a joyous and exciting time for many, as we get to spend quality time and share memorable moments with our loved ones. Unfortunately, when family members are oceans apart, it may not be possible to partake in the festivities the traditional way. But that doesn’t mean you should skip out on the occasion all together! Below, we have five alternative ways to enjoy the holidays.

1. Skype it up!
Thanks to technological advances, we can easily communicate with friends and family regardless of where we may be. Software applications like Skype that enable voice and video calls, as well as chat, make for an effective way to keep in touch with loved ones living in different parts of the world. Your family may not be able to get together this holiday season, but why not organize a virtual gathering of sorts by way of Skype? Set up a specific time for everyone to log on, decorate your home with holiday baubles to set the mood, and spend some quality time with your loved ones via the Internet!


2. A dinner among friends
The home is synonymous with traditional holiday gatherings. But if this year doesn’t lend itself to a get-together with the entire family, taking in the festivities with dear friends and neighbours is the next best thing! Organize a non-traditional dinner with friends and acquaintances. It could be at home, your favourite neighbourhood restaurant, or even in a simple hotel suite or chalet. Concoct some sizzling cocktails to get the party started. To spice things up, cook up a fusion meal melding traditional cuisine from different parts of the world. Finally, ditch the dining table and turn your holiday gathering into an impromptu indoor picnic! This holiday gathering will be a memorable one, guaranteed and your friends who are unable to see their loved ones this season will be grateful for this opportunity to celebrate nonetheless!

3. Go on an excursion
Want to get out of the city for a few days but never seem to find the right time to do so? The holiday season may be just the perfect occasion! Local independent agencies like Wonder Travel offer guided bus tours to neighbouring cities on a regular basis throughout the year, so why not hop in and go on a sightseeing excursion to take in the charm of a nearby city or town? You’ll discover (or rediscover) sights and may even make new friends along the way!

4. Volunteer
The holiday season can prove a difficult time for certain families living below the poverty line, the homeless, as well as seniors and individuals who may feel isolated during this time of year. If spending time with your loved ones isn’t possible this season, volunteering your time to help those in need is an equally-rewarding way to spend the holidays.

5. Put on your dancing shoes!
Every night is a good night to go dancing, but if you aren’t celebrating the holidays with family this year, the festive season  spells the perfect time to hit the town. Put on a sparkly dress and your dancing shoes, and head to your favourite nightclub or lounge with your friends in tow. It’s a sure-fire way to have a good time. What’s more, you and your cohorts may just have the place all to yourself!

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