Aquarium Nails are the Latest, Greatest, Highest-Maintenance Trend


A beauty trend so extreme has popped up that if it had been predicted by an 80s science fiction writer, his or her reader base would have dismissed it on the grounds of being “too extreme” and “unbelievable”. Known as aquarium nails, they wouldn’t look out of place if they were sported by a hyper-futuristic mermaid queen who reigns over a dystopian society of aquatic warrior people, and the process it takes to make them adheres to that notion. You inject glitter and baby oil in between a double-pained artificial nail to mimic the effect of sparkling water. Then, you top them off with glitter, jewels, and intricate nailpolish designs.

Check out this next-level nail art:

Une photo publiée par @barrysbeautybar le

Bonus: check out this mind-blowing tutorial that shows you how much work it really takes to get these crazy nails.

What do you think? Are these nails street-style appropriate, or are they exclusively for a mermaid-Leonidas type who would presumably tap them against the arms of her throne as she concocted suiting punishments for transgressors? Leave your thoughts in the comments section!

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