Are Crystals Magical? –

Are Crystals Magical?


Do you believe in magic? I do. No matter what you have heard about them, crystals have nothing to do with magic. In fact, they have everything to do with you, your energy and enhancing the work and effort that you’ve already been putting in to finding yourself.

Very simply put, crystals offer energy that we are able to harness and use to shift our consciousness. They are used to balance, transmit, gather and release this energy. They also amplify, direct, project, sustain and generate energy as well. You have to view crystals as allies on your journey.

Before we get into exploring this subject further, you might be wondering why crystals have become so popular. The truth is, that they always have been but, they are having a big resurgence due to the uncertainty and challenging times we are facing at the moment. We live in a world where we need to ground ourselves and remember that we are an integral part of this planet and should reconnect with it and each other. Working with crystals helps us do just that!!!!

What about choosing the right crystal?
Start with one, the one that you immediately gravitate towards. That way, you are allowing the crystal to pick you. Then, take the time you need to get to know it just like you would with a new relationship or with a friend.

There are many crystals and they have infinite properties. As a beginner, most spiritualists recommend a starter set which contains Rose Quartz to bring more love in your world; Amethyst to attract spiritual and emotional growth; Citrine to get rid of bad vibes; Black Tourmaline, to support and ground you; and finally Aventurine, to elevate your good fortune and peace.

You will want to cleanse your crystals regularly, to reset their vibrancy since they may have stored energy picked up from their environment or the people they have come into contact with. There are three ways to cleanse and “charge” your crystals. You can return them to nature by placing them on the earth, on branches or the soil of your favourite indoor plant. A sunlight or moonlight bath helps them recharge as well. Finally, you can smudge your crystals with Sage or Palo Santo smoke to elevate their vibrancy.

Once you are done washing them, the next step is to figure out where you would like to display them. The best way to benefit from them is to place the crystals in proximity of the space where you meditate, sleep and spend the most time. I like to keep my collection by my nightstand, so I can pick them up when I need to or to just glance at them, to remind myself of their meaning and focus on that energy. You can also create a unique altar with your crystals and other pieces that are important to you such as pictures, memorabilia, incense or flowers.  As you become more accustomed to your crystals, you can practice holding them in your hands during meditation, placing them on pain points or lower energy centers of your body or wear them as jewelry. The more time you spend with them, the more you will get to experience how they connect with your energy flow patterns.

Crystals have been a part of the Earth since the beginning of time. They serve as a reminder that most, if not all of the answers are within grasp if we were to slow down enough to listen and be guided. Different crystals share different messages. That is why I personally believe that no one can tell you which crystal is right for you. You know yourself better than anyone and searching for your crystals is similar to an adventure where you go looking to find yourself. Maybe they can help you uncover those parts of yourself that remain undiscovered serving as the ultimate tool to find your own formula for peace in the middle of the noise that surrounds us.

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