Are You Happy at Work?



Welcome to your Are You Happy at Work?

Find out how content you are at your job
Everyone has different perceptions of why they do their job: some people are in it for the money, while others focus on doing something they love for a living. But many factors contribute to one’s happiness at work. Answer the following questions to get a better idea about how happy you are in your professional life.

What are you doing today at lunch time?
Within your main responsibilities in your current position, do you get a chance to do something that you're really good at?
How recently have you learned how to do something new at work (whether it's a technical skill or other)?
If you're having an off day, is there someone you feel you can talk to about it in your workplace?
How often do you get feedback about how you're performing at work?
Do you give your opinion a lot at work?
When you do give your opinion, do you feel like it is taken into consideration?
Do you see the correlation between your daily tasks and how they make your company successful?
Do you feel that you are compensated fairly for the work you do?
You do your part of a project and hand it off to the next department. How are things likely to go from here on in (in your perception)?

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