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Are you teaching your kids to eat right?



Welcome to your Are you teaching your kids to eat right?

Find out if you're winning the food battle with your brood
Getting kids to eat enough fruit and vegetables while cutting back on sweets and junk food can seem like an endless crusade for most parents. Are you instilling healthy habits in your children? Take our quiz and find out if you’re laying the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy eating.
My family sits down for breakfast and dinner.
At mealtimes, I let my kids watch TV or read comic books.
I ask my children what they'd like to eat, involving them in food shopping and preparation.
What is the best way to introduce a new, healthy food to a child?
I put a lot of small portions of different foods on my child's dinner plate.
I try and set a good example for my kids by practicing what I preach--nutritionally.
When my kids are thirsty, I usually give them:
I've prepared a healthy meal for my child, and she refuses to eat it, launching into a temper tantrum. I...
My kids eat sweets and junk food.
I force my child to clean her plate.
I encourage my children to read nutritional labels on boxes.
My children leave for school with a packed lunch we've prepared together.

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