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At-Home Workout Allies

3 essentials to get fit
For some, creating a workout space in the comfort of your own home is an easier alternative, where you can squeeze in some cardio or muscle training while dinner is simmering. Whether you have a whole room available, the basement, or simply a spot in front of the television, here are a few essentials for your at-home gym, depending on the kind of workout you prefer.


Looking to be more zen?
Your friends have been insisting you try yoga with them. You’ve heard of its many benefits, and are always looking to improve your flexibility, as well as clear your mind, but you’re still daunted. If you’re not looking to shell out the money for classes just yet, a simple yoga mat will do to create a mini-yoga studio at home. Pair it with an inexpensive yoga DVD, set your mat in front of the TV, and get your vinyasa on!

lululemon athletica
The Mat
, $68 in stores and online.


Need to relieve some stress?
Take it from us: punching stuff helps ease the stresses of the day. After a particularly arduous 8+ hours at the office, boxing can be a great outlet to release any pent-up anger—after all, boxing (and exercising in general) helps release endorphins, which boost your mood. Most importantly: it’s fun! Your allies in this sport are a pair of boxing gloves and a sturdy punching bag. Work on your jabs and punch combinations (you can find a few videos on YouTube), and you’ll be sure to get a total body workout. Be sure to warm up beforehand and stretch afterwards.

Everlast MMA Heavy bag kit 70lb
, $138 at Walmart stores and online.


Still wanting to train for a marathon?
Whether you’re an avid runner or a novice, running outside in the cold and snow may not be quite the thrill others sometimes make it out to be. If you still need to train for an upcoming race, or simply want to get a cardio workout and build endurance, purchasing a treadmill for your home could be a good investment. Pick a strong and well-built machine than can handle any pace, from a leisurely walk to a brisk run.

SOLE F80 Treadmill
, $1,549.99 at Sears stores and online.


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