August Editorial: 13 Things To Do Before Summer Ends


My must-haves for summer fun
Every year I make a summer bucket list of things to do or places to visit before the season ends. Summer in Canada is so short, but so fun! We still have a few more weeks of warm weather ahead of us. What do you have left to try on this list before fall?


1. Read a book
2. Try a new recipe on the BBQ
3. Pick raspberries
4. Go to the beach, here or anywhere
5. Try a new lipstick colour
6. Jump into the water
7. Go to a drive-in
8. Try a new summer cocktail
9. Eat s’mores over a campfire
10. Go to a festival or fair that’s close to home
11. Take a weekend road trip
12. Try a SUP board
13. Have a picnic

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