Beach Bag Essentials: What You Should Always Have With You!


As far as I know, summer is officially here, which means pool parties and beach days. While there’s nothing better than a relaxing day at the beach, you don’t want to hit the shore empty-handed. Packing before you head out for the beach is the most important step to ensure your day is perfect, right after finding the perfect bathing suit of course. Here’s a list of the essentials that you shouldn’t dare to go to the beach without:

BeachEssItems 3

1. The Bag: Every beach trip needs a large carryall bag to throw everything in.
Sole Society, $88.17

2. Sunscreen: We’ve all been taught of the importance of sunscreen from a young age, which is why you should make sure you always have plenty of sunscreen in your bag.
Coopertone, $8.97

3. Large Soft Towel: The bigger the better! Trust me on this one.
Lacoste, $35.00

4. Sunglasses: Bring an inexpensive pair so that your more expensive everyday sunnies don’t get scratched or lost in the ocean.
zeroUV, $15.99

5. Water Bottles: Keep yourself hydrated and cool while being under the sun all day. These S’well bottles can keep your water cold for hours.
S’well, $45.00

6. Wide Brimmed Hat: When it comes to the subject of sun protection, Keeping a hat in your bag is a cardinal rule.
Aldo, $14.98

7. Waterproof Phone Case: Between the sun, sand and water, the beach is filled with things that can cause damage to your phone.
Lifeproof, $99.99

8. Footwear: Although flip flops might be the first thing that comes to mind, try changing it up with cute strappy sandals.
Spring, $29.98

9. First Aid Kit: Hopefully your day at the beach won’t call for any band aids, but it never hurts to have a small first aid kit just in case.
Johnson&Johnson, $17.92

Now you are packed and ready to hit the beach with all your essentials on hand. Sit back, relax and enjoy the breeze!

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